Learning Beyond Limits: Executive Functions Services

Executive functions refer to a set of neurologically-based skills required for planning, organizing, initiating, and completing tasks. This is done by inhibiting impulses, attending to only relevant information, setting goals, as well as prioritizing and monitoring time.

As the academic and social expectations increase throughout middle school, high school, and college, many smart and capable students find themselves struggling to keep up. Furthermore, managing emotions and maintaining focus when the demands are high can be challenging for students to learn how to do on their own.

You have helped me in so many ways from not only helping me with my organization but also helping me to grow as a person. You have been an amazing teacher and a compassionate friend!
— High School Student

During individualized sessions, students have an active role in designing a custom-made set of tools and strategies to use both in and outside of school

Strategies for managing academic and social situations are always developed in partnership with students and customized for them.



Visualize realistic future goals

Make short- and long-term plans

Prioritize tasks and commitments

Accurately estimate time



Create productive workspaces

Categorize and file materials

Purge clutter



Sustain attention

Adjust plan when a “glitch” arises

Use positive self-talk

Increase mindfulness


Check-ins between sessions help students maintain consistent practice

In addition to weekly sessions, students are also provided with regular check-ins between sessions. This helps students to consistently use their tools throughout the week, while still receiving support and encouragement. Experience and research shows that consistency is often the essential factor when developing productive habits.