Learning Beyond Limits: College Admissions Writing Services

The college selection and application process can be an exciting but also overwhelming experience for students and families alike. In the wake of recent college admission scandals, it has become clear that the pressure to produce exceptional applications is at an all-time high. Too high. As a result, many students struggle to produce a competitive yet authentic application, especially when it comes to the essay.

The college application essay is really a hybrid of writing styles (i.e., narrative, expository). It can be a deeply personal reflection of a student’s life experiences condensed into 650 words or less, no small feat for even the most skilled of writers. However, through this process students often discover their unique voice, leading to increased confidence as a writer and future college student.

You have helped me in so many ways from not only helping me with my organization but also helping me to grow as a person. You have been an amazing teacher and a compassionate friend!
— High School Student

Using a targeted and systematic writing approach, students are taught how to execute the essay writing process from start to finish, resulting in a finished product that is 100% their own

Students are supported in the process of planning, writing, and editing their college essays and supplements. The work is their own, so it embodies the integrity and authentic voice that admissions officers recognize as original writing.



Identifying purpose and audience for essay

Understanding the format of essay

Short- and long-term plans for application completion

Managing supplemental writing requirements



Deciding writing style

Brainstorming and topic selection

Outlining and drafting essay

Editing and revising process